Tennessee Home Solutions prides itself in its agility and flexibility to customers.  The quickest way to reach us is via mobile phone and e-mail.  We can meet you at your schedule and place of business.






625 Bakers Bridge Avenue; Suite105

Franklin, TN  37067

Customers Speak:

“When we got here from Atlanta to take care of this house, Richard drove up and asked us to sell him my grandmother’s house. She had passed away and it was willed to us. Before we left that weekend, Richard bought the house and fixed it over four months.” Raymond, Donelson

“I work for the city fire department and had listed the house for five months. Richard came and met with me and we hit it off. He bought it and fixed the problems quick so I was able to move to White House.” Eric, Haywood

“My family wanted the best price but we got tired of having my father’s house sit empty. The house was out-dated and needed new floors and things. Richard and his contractor put new floors and finished the garage on one level” Debra, Whispering Hills

“This vacant house was owned by a bank. I purchased it, fixed the floors, roof, bathrooms, doors, heater, and painted it. Looks liked a new house”. Gwen, Jackson

“This bank had an eyesore of a house in Donelson. Richard bought it one weekend. When he got back from vacation, he relocated some walls, torn out the kitchen and bath floors, ceramic tiled those area, then refinished the hardwoods and put on a new roof. He’s fast and does very good finishing.” Wendy, South Nashville

Middle Tennessee Home Solutions

Middle Tennessee Home Solutions is operated by Richard Wofford.  Richard’s most important credential for transacting business is his keen interest in fair and honest communication and business practices. 

In 2007, Middle Tennessee Home Solutions became an affiliate member of a large company with 30 members nationwide. All property managers and members are involved in purchasing, leasing, and selling properties from California to Florida to New England.  Richard has lived in the Nashville area for ten years and several Southeast U.S. cities during his track as a corporate manager.

  1. Bullet Life experience buying and selling homes in the Southeast U.S. in Virginia, Texas, Alabama, and Louisiana

  2. Bullet Educated as honors engineer (mechanical and electrical) 20-year broad business and management experience within Fortune 500 companies

  3. Bullet Experience in functions of marketing, finance, operations, engineering, and information technology

  4. Bullet Leadership in civic, community, and neighborhood organizations

  5. Bullet Eagle scout, church leadership, and youth program advocate

  6. Bullet Strong interest in professional development and success of others

“Pop” Ridgway

“Pop” Ridgway, Richard’s grandfather, was very active in his community and church during his life. One of his interests was developing, building, trading and leasing single family houses in his hometown. Pop Ridgway’s family today remains actively involved in commercial and residential real estate projects. Richard is inspired by both Pop and another one of Pop’s grandson’s Walter Wofford, a national-level real estate investor and one of Richard’s mentors.

On The Front Porch

Middle Tennessee Home Solution was formerly named “Front Porch Development”. The name was changed in late 2007 because the business grew out of the neighborhood level to the regional level. The company's name “Front Porch” was chosen because of the significance of the home’s front porch – which often serves as the link between the family and the outside world. The front porch is often the gathering place where stories are shared and where families bond and grow.

When People Need a Good Place to Live

 Many of us are fortunate to live in a house with a front porch or other gathering place. However, others are threatened with the loss of their homes. In an effort to provide housing for the Nashville community’s needy, we can help. In addition to the reconditioning projects, Front Porch Development contributes both financial resources and time to helping the homeless and needy of Middle Tennessee. In 2003 and 2004, Front Porch Development will work with Nashville Housing Fund, Habitat for Humanity, and other non-profit organizations related to housing. Also in early 2003, Front Porch also served as a pro bona consultant to Atlanta’s Community Housing Resource Center through the community Consulting Team. We are interested in doing our part to help build and preserve a comfortable place where we can celebrate the gifts of life.

Do all the good you can,
By all the means you can,
For all the people you can,
As long as ever you can. -John Wesley