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Welcome to MidTN Home Solutions, small house advocate and regional real estate investment company, focused on improving houses and providing solutions for families who want a better place to live.  Our purpose is simply to help you sell buy, lease, or fix your real property while helping the community improve its value.

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Our approach is different....

Properties -- fewer and better.  We select neighborhoods that are more affordable but safer.  We chose houses with few problems, maintain good components, and enhance weak one.  When you drive by, our houses look and work better than other houses. 

Few third parties.  Because we generally avoid third party contractors, realtors, agents, and property managers, this results in simple communications and understandable agreements between between owners and residents.

Investment in relationships.  We invest in property long-term.  But, we also invest in and value long-term relationships between resident and owners.  We seek to avoid controversy while promoting and preserving long-term relationships.

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